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The Latest Posts

Hodinkee Radio Podcast Review

Podcast Review: Hodinkee Radio

| Media Review, Podcast Review | No Comments

If you have not heard, Hodinkee Radio is a new (for 2018) podcast that brings all the serious watch journalism that you have come to expect from Ben Clymer and his gang of delightfully detail-oriented wristwatch writers. It should be…

Titan "Wing Watch" by Neil Foley

MEET THE WATCH: Titan “Wing Watch” by Neil Foley

| Titan | No Comments

Many years ago, I talked a buddy of mine into buying an unusual little watch that I found on eBay. To be honest, it was more his style than mine, but I was still intrigued by this mystery watch. Years…

Spinnaker Bradner Watch Review

MEET THE WATCH: Spinnaker Bradner

| Spinnaker | No Comments

The Spinnaker Bradner is an exciting vintage-themed, twin-crown, compressor-style dive watch that offers many great design details at a competitive value.

NTH DevilRay Review

MEET THE WATCH: NTH DevilRay Prototype by Janis Trading

| NTH Watches | No Comments
A few months ago I had the pleasure of attending a WatchUSeek Get-Together that happens twice a year in Atlanta, Georgia. These meetings of fellow watch collectors are truly happy events...
One of my Dad's many do-dad boxes. I grabbed a few of those too...

The Myth of Passing Heirloom Watches Down to Our Children

| Thoughts on Watches, Watch Collecting | No Comments

Do our children really want to inherit the mechanical watch that we want to pass onto them as a family heirloom, or are we just kidding ourselves? This is a subject ripe for discussion.

Love 'N Watches Podcast

PODCAST REVIEW – Love ‘N Watches

| Media Review, Podcast Review | No Comments

This will be a fairly short review because as of June 6, 2018, there are only 5 episodes of the brand new Love ‘N Watches podcast. The clever name of this horological podcast has a double meaning, which will become…

No BS Watchmaking Show podcast by Anthony, the No Bullshit Watchmaker

PODCAST REVIEW: The No BS Watchmaking Show

| Media Review, Podcast Review | One Comment

What happens when the author of a best selling book about the craft of watchmaking, 100+ No BS Watch Tips, decides to create a companion podcast? Well, you might end up with something like The No BS Watchmaking Show podcast. This podcast…

Spending Time Podcast - with Ariel Adams and "A Blog to Watch" team

PODCAST REVIEW: Spending Time with “A Blog to Watch” (and Ariel Adams)

| Media Review, Podcast Review | No Comments

When one of the oldest and largest watch blogs on the internet, A Blog to Watch, decides to create a new podcast, it should naturally be something that any red-blooded watch collector should consider listening to. Technically speaking, Spending Time…

How I picked a watch for my mother's funeral

Picking a Watch for My Mom’s Funeral

| Thoughts on Watches | No Comments

This will be the first year that I will not have my mom to call on Mother’s Day. Both my parents are now passed so these sort of holidays tend to make me nostalgic and reminisce about things that once…

MEET THE WATCH: Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Titanium Limited Edition

| Dive Watch, Divemaster 500 Watch, Limited Edition, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch | No Comments
There are certain watches that I have always admired from afar, but never actually owned. I have watch collecting friends that have a wide range of timepieces that they have...
Seiko watch movement animated video

Seiko Movement Video

| Cool Videos, Seiko | No Comments

Somebody posted a video of a Seiko movement that shows in great detail how a watch movement works and how all the small parts go together to show the passage of time on the dial. It’s a fascinating look under…

Cosmic Car Watch video

Cosmic Car Watch – Now It’s Time for Something Completely Stupid

| Cool Videos, Divemaster 500 Watch, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch | No Comments

For those of you who might ask if I was on hallucinogens when I made this video, the answer is no. I was just sitting in what I call the psychedelic car wash located just down the street from my house….

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A Bewildering Story of a Swiss Manufacturer Who Would Not Service Their Own Watch

| Thoughts on Watches, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Watch Servicing | No Comments
Longtime readers of this blog know how much of a fan I am of Victorinox Swiss Army watches. You could say that I have invested hundreds of hours writing about...
Keeping Time with Oster Watches Podcast - Horology and Stores from High End Watch Watching

PODCAST REVIEW: Keeping Time with Oster Watches

| Media Review, Podcast Review | One Comment
In my continuous pursuit of finding the best watch and horology podcasts on the internet, I was happy to stumble across a new favorite that is unlike any of the...
Discover the best watch reviews and horological channels on YouTube!

The Best Wrist Watch Reviews and Horology Channels on YouTube

| Media Review, YouTube Channel Review | One Comment
If you are a watch collector like me, you may find yourself spending much of your spare time on YouTube watching the nerdiest watch-related videos that you can find. There are...
Victorinox Swiss Army "modded" Convoy Chrono

Modding A Victorinox Swiss Army Convoy Chrono “Franken-Watch”

| Convoy, How-To Series, Quartz Movement, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Watch Modding | No Comments
It's Alive! My Franken-Watch Lives! Practically everyone knows who Dr. Frankenstein is because books, movies, television shows have embraced his most famous creation... Frankenstein's Monster. Yeah, that giant undead guy with...
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