Welcome to the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Identifier, the online reference for Swiss Army watch collectors. Identify your Swiss Army watch here.

Welcome to the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Identifier!

I am happy to finally launch this part of the Watch Hunter site because it is something that I have wanted to do for years. I built this Swiss Army Watch Model Finder as an online visual database of Victorinox Swiss Army watches including their names, models, photos and other information as it becomes available. Even though this project took me a long time to make, this tool has already helped me gain a greater understanding of the watches made by Victorinox. At the same time, I think it will benefit other watch collectors who have an interest in these fascinating timepieces. One of the top questions that I am asked is how to find the model of a Swiss Army watch or name a Victorinox Swiss Army watch, and this tool makes finding the answer much quicker.

Beginning in 1989, this Swiss brand has made hundreds of unique and interesting watches. Because the early days of Swiss Army coincided with the advent of the internet, much of the information about earlier watches seem to be lost to time. I have painstakingly collected reference numbers and whatever images I could find from common search engine queries to compile this database. The watches listed here are not the complete record, and I will be constantly updating the lists as I find mistakes or discover forgotten watches. Enjoy!

The information contained is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but there may be errors to correct along the way. If you see any errors or have a Swiss Army watch to include on the list, please contact me with details.

This list is not endorsed by Victorinox and it is based on my own research and compilation of SKU numbers. Any error listed is my own alone so blame me if you see a  mistake. Now, start researching your watch.
Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Identifier

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