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There are thematic series on the Watch Hunter blog that explore different aspects of watch collecting. To see any of the series, click on the icon below:

STRAP SWAP SERIES on WATCHBLOGGER.comThe STRAP SWAP Series showcases how easily a watch's appearance can be altered by modifying or swapping the watchband. It includes before and after photos or digital mockups of iconic and everyday watches.

One of the most affordable things a person can do to customize a watch is to replace the wristband that came with it. There are many strap options available to modify the character of the watch. One may pick a complementory or contrasting color or material. One can dress a watch up or make it appear more casual with the style of band (metal bracelet, leather, military-esque NATO strap and so forth). One can let a little bit of his or her personal taste show that may not be in the original watchband that it came with (and everyone else has). Customizing a watch with a new watchband takes just a moment to do and the results are instantly gratifying. For those with just one watch, this is a great way to have the horological equivalent of a chameleon for any occasion.

MEET THE WATCH SERIES on WATCHBLOGGER.comFirst impressions are can often make or break a relationship between people. Sometimes you instantly click with the other person, and other times it take mores time to get to understand them. The things that once drove you crazy about the other person, can be the endearing quality that you laugh about later as friends. Other times, some people just have unforgivable and ugly personalities.

If you did not catch my drift by now, I was using the example of meeting strangers as a metaphor for analyzing watches. The MEET THE WATCH Series introduces a watch that you might not have meet before and goes in depth with the concept behind the design. We are sure to meet some interesting characters here.

WATCH DNA SERIES on WATCHBLOGGER.comThere are very few absolutely original ideas, and this is especially true in the watch industry where tradition and history often dictate a timepiece's design DNA.

Many companies have been releasing contemporary watch models that are based on dusty old (and beautiful) watches of yesteryear. Heck, some change so slowly that the casual observer would not know the difference between 1955 Rolex Submariner and a modern one. It takes a brand expert to know what he is looking at.

The WATCH DNA Series, explores the family trees of watch models to see how they evolved over the years. It is fascinating to see different models separated by years of modifications, consumer tastes and the whims of manufacturers.

Vendor Report Series on
The VENDOR REPORT Series is just that... totally opinionated and un-sugar-coated accounts of dealing with watch-related vendors. I tell the good, the bad and the ugly, and perhaps offer suggestions for improvement.

It's not all bad though. I give as much praise as possible for people who know the meaning of customer service...

The Watch Dog Series on
In the age of mashups, what would a watch blog be without combining some of my favorite unrelated things? The WATCH DOG Series is a play on words and meant to be pure fun. What type of watches would the best dressed dogs wear? Could canines be man's best friends and also successful fashion models? You can be the judge.

Vintage Watch Series on Watch HunterWatch collectors love old timepieces, and the VINTAGE WATCH Series is dedicated to the little mechanical wonders that have a bit of age on them. They don't necessarily have to be half a century or older either...  I am a fan of quartz and digital too.

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