Reviews, photos, and information about Base Camp watches by Victorinox Swiss Army. These stylish field watches were long-running models that went from simple to funky over time. The smaller case with the pointed integrated crown guards gave these watches a unique appearance. If you have a question that you want to be answered, contact me.

Victorinox Swiss Army BaseCamp camouflage Prototype is a one-of-a-kind. Photo: modified from eBay

MEET THE WATCH: Victorinox Swiss Army Prototype Camouflage Base Camp Watch from 2004 for Sale by Ex-Employee

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eBay can be considered the world’s largest hunting ground for treasure seekers, no matter what we are looking for. Seasoned watch sleuths like me can still get surprised at the variety of timepieces available. Seeing how I consider myself a Victorinox Swiss Army specialist, I thought that I had seen almost every model that they had produced.… Read the rest
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