Forget your¬†smart phones and personal electronics for a minute and set the time machine to “way back” to enjoy a look at what watches were like in previous times. Just because they are older, does not mean that they are irrelevant to watch collectors… in fact, it is just the opposite. If you have a question that you want to be answered, please¬†contact me.

A 1924 Illinois Bunn Special railroad grade movement in a B&B Royal gold plated case with the cover removed

VINTAGE WATCH: A 1924 Illinois Bunn Special Railroad Grade Pocket Watch

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I am going to say for the record that pocket watches are a new fascination for me. I am a newbie when it comes to this subject matter, but this one kinda fell into my lap. A photographer pal of mine called me one day and said that he had a very old pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather.… Read the rest
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My circa 1979 vintage Longines gold watch with 11 jewels and a L950.2 movement

VINTAGE WATCH: Inheriting My Father’s-Father’s Gold Longines Watch

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Yeah, the title of this blog is a mouthful, but it is exactly what I intended to say. Months ago, I first wrote about a Longines watch that I “inherited” from my father who inherited it from his father. In the last few days that we spent together before he passed, he asked me to find it and make sure it did not get thrown away.… Read the rest
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Shockingly small compared to today's watches, but filled with character

VINTAGE WATCH: 1940s Baume & Mercier Chronograph

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A very old Baume & Mercier Chronograph from the 1940s Sometimes good things can drop right into one’s lap when least expected. This is what happened when Ben, a good buddy of mine, generously gave me a vintage watch with a curious history including a last minute rescue from the trash compactor, but I am jumping ahead in the story.… Read the rest
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