Ghosts Watches

There is a time in every watch collector's life when he must say "goodbye" to a favorite watch. The reason could be financial with the proceeds going towards paying bills or buying the next favored timepiece. It could be that the focus of his collection has changed to a different brand. It could be that in use, the watch just did not live up to expectations. Whatever the case, you can be sure that the next owner will treasure the watch you just sold or gave away.

Below are the ones I let go, in no particular order by brand. Godspeed little friends...


Invicta was one of the first brands I collected. They were absolutely huge on my wrist and I loved them... for a while. I sold them to make way other brands.

Invicta Russian Diver Watch


I am a big fan of Torgoen. The watches that I have owned of theirs had excellent build quality including stellar lume. The brand is highly recommended as a good watch value.

Torgoen T32 - killer watch I had to sacrifice

Victorinox Swiss Army

This is my absolute favorite watch brand. Their designs check all the boxes on my personal aesthetic checklist. It is a rare day when I sell one, but sometimes I come across a deal too good to pass up. 
Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Master 300

Victorinox Swiss Army Base Camp

TX Technoluxury

TX was an offshoot of Timex. They are now defunct but I thought their watches were special.

Wenger Swiss Military

I collected this brand along with Swiss Army for a good while. I then decided to make a radical change in direction to automatics. Something had to pave the way... meet them below.

Wenger Commando Raid in green on NATO strap

Wenger Commando Raid in dayglow orange

Wenger Swiss Military Commando - Monkey face as I called it

Wenger Commando Raid in green

Rare Wenger Commando Panda

Wenger Seaforce Chronograph


Definitely a fashion watch brand.... I bought these first before I knew much about watches.

This watch got a lot of attention...