As a child, I remember looking into windows of shops that I was not allowed to enter. Maybe the merchandise was not for kids or perhaps it was way out of the range of my pocket change. Even now, I still feel that some stores have snobby shop keepers that stare at you blankly as if to ask “what are YOU doing in here?”

The Watches TV on YouTubeMany of us feel the same way when it comes to luxury watch brands. I consider myself a down-to-earth watch collector preferring an honest German tool watch over of Swiss Haute horology… or so I thought before I started watching The Watches TV on YouTube. This channel single-handedly changed my mind and made me feel more comfortable looking at Swiss luxury watches. I realized that I had some misconceptions and a lot to learn.

The Watches TV YouTube Channels

The Watches TV YouTube Channels

As we all know, YouTube does a pretty good job of suggesting related videos for us to view, and I’m pretty sure that is how I stumbled across The Watches TV. However, the content kept me on the channel, and I have made it my mission to watch almost every video (spanning multiple years). Apparently, I showed up a little late to see it from the beginning, but that does not mean that I can’t enjoy the excellent watch-related content available there.

Marc Andre Deschoux

Marc Andre Deschoux

The Watches TV prove that education does not have to be boring. Their videos are lively with excellent and passionate presenters who are not afraid to share their opinion or expertise. I particularly enjoy Marc Andre Deschoux’s, the founder of the channel. I have lots of adjectives to describe this powerhouse presenter, but a few might include enthusiastic, insightful, magnetic, friendly and sincere (plus he has a great sense of style). Marc really is part of the reason that so many of us will tune into The Watches TV.

I feel like Marc explains things in a way that brings clarity to what is happening in the watchmaking industry. He is honest and not afraid to call out something that seems out of line such as the rising costs of watches to the consumer. His enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious, which helps the viewer stay tuned in.

The Watches TV is not your typical “watch review” YouTube channel. I would describe it more as entertaining editorial journalism that just happens to cover the watch making industry. There is a big difference here that is better experienced than described… but I will do my best.

The Watches TV Product Review Playlist

The Watches TV Product Review Playlist

Here is a quick overview of the channels you will see:

  • WATCHES & PRODUCTS – The Watches TV is not limited to in-depth reviews on particular watches like other YouTube channels, though they do have over 100 great watch and product reviews (and counting). Where The Watches TV excels is going behind the scenes to show a part of the watchmaking industry that few can access, or knew existed. Their stellar reporting opened my eyes to a wider viewpoint introducing me to companies and people that I had barely heard of. In short, The Watches TV is a great place to learn more about the Swiss high-end watch industry, its players, events, and products.
  • EVENTS & LIFESTYLE The Watches TV report on the watch-related events that many people may not even know exist. This may include trade shows, award shows, auctions, and special events. During these events, they may end up talking to CEOs or designers of large Swiss watchmaking firms. The Watches TV seem to get access to many VIPs in the industry, which reminds viewers that there are real people behind the making of all those beautiful watches and not just marketing firms.
  • SHOWTIME – If you could not make it to the watch trade shows at SIHH or Baselworld… no problem. The highlight videos can be found here. 
  • ARTS & CRAFTS – There are also some technical videos that explained new watch technologies and how they work. I am not sure if Marc reads all that technical content from a teleprompter or if he has an incredible memory, but the level of understanding is quite apparent. Consider this a master class.
  • WHO’S WHO OF WATCHMAKING – Even though independent watchmakers exist, the more prevalent scenario consists of large corporations and conglomerates. These videos explain who they are all related. You might be surprised what you learn.
  •  WATCHMAKING ROADTRIP – If you are interested in going on a great adventure touring the Swiss countryside with Marc in a vintage VW bus visiting the legendary watch makers of Switzerland, you have got to see the Watchmaking Road Trip.
  • …and more. 

Why You Should Watch:

The sound quality and camera work are network-ready and produced to higher standards that you may not be used to seeing on watch blogs. Their jaw-dropping macro videos of rare watches and working movements show a high level of artistic and technical know-how behind a camera that should not be taken for granted. These kinds of scenes are not easy to make. Just take a look at the video of the Spectacular Récital 20 Astérium by Bovet 1822 and judge for yourself.

To get started on The Watches TV binge viewing, here are a few tips:

  1. Pace yourself – There are hundreds of videos to watch.
  2. Click the like button – This helps the channel, but it also helps remind you of the videos you have already viewed.
  3. Check out the playlists – All of the videos are organized into playlists, which help find the videos you want faster.
  4. Turn on autoplay – If you are watching a playlist, turning on the autoplay feature will show them sequentially.
  5. Write a comment – The guys at The Watches TV read your comments and appreciate the input.
  6. Don’t be afraid to watch older content – Just because some of the videos are several years old by now does not mean that they are stale. The content is still relevant.
  7. Show your support – If you really want, you can become a sponsor at Patreon/thewatchestv or buy something in their boutique.

I prefer to watch the videos on YouTube at The Watches TV Playlists. This page shows all the playlists in an easy-to-navigate way.

You can also go to their web site at to see a blog-like listing of their videos. The latest ones will always be on top with older ones below it. While on the site, you can sign up for the newsletter or any of the social media at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

I suggest that you see what you can discover for yourself. Regardless of videos you choose or the order, you watch them, The Watches TV is a really fun way to feel welcome in the high-end world of watchmaking. Marc and his crew have taken a subject that might feel quite pretentious and infused a sense of fun and warmth into it. It’s because of The Watches TV that I now know the difference between MB&F and Parmigiani Fleurier.

I hope that Marc’s boundless energy, humble honesty and great attitude will never fade (even in a time of tight budgets, boutique site hiccups, and other challenges). We need more YouTube channels like The Watches TV to show how interesting the watchmaking world can be if given the right vision and presenters. The Watches TV sets the standard high for our enlightenment by reporting about the art and science that permeates modern watch making. Now that you know about all the great content available… don’t you have some TV to watch?

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