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There are many social media avenues available to connect with other people who share a common interest. While I am on sites like Facebook, some of those have become highly politicized and sometimes contentious. Last year, I finally decided to join Instagram and it was one of the best things as a watch collector that I have done.

First, Instagram let me connect with people around the world who love watches. Each one of them is unique and has something to offer. From purist vintage watches to audacious horological machines on the wrists of the ultra-rich, each can be appreciated for different reasons.

For research, Instagram is one of the best platforms to discover new watches that you might not have seen before. It is so easy to flip through hundreds of photos in a few minutes. Finding a cool image can often lead to following another watch collector. Following another collector can turn you onto what he or she might have in their box.This sense of community spans the borders of language, country, and culture. I find it reassuring that someone else in the world appreciates the same things that I do, even if we have a different outlook on life. Literally one of the hashtags is #watchfam, which is watch family. I think that is pretty telling because some of my best friends share this watch collecting addiction.

Follow WatchHunterBlog on instagram

Follow WatchHunterBlog on instagram

I attempt to take one new photo a day of one of my watches or maybe one that I meet in the wild. This has allowed me to reconnect with items that I have owned for years, appreciate their beauty and not take them for granted. It has also moved me to appreciate the happy accidents inherent in impromptu natural light photography in lieu of complex studio photography

Lastly, Instagram pushed me to join the daily conversation that is going on between millions of people around the world. I invite you to connect with me at watchhunterblog on Instagram¬†and let’s share our passion for watches. See you in cyberspace.

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