Recently a good buddy of mine (we’ll call him “Bill”) bought a fantastic Seiko 5 automatic. It was on sale for around $50, which is amazing considering that it uses an in-house Japanese movement and looks great in the classic field watch sort of way. You just cannot beat them, and I would urge parents who are looking for a great affordable gift for a young adult to consider them. Heck, buy the whole family one since they come in different colors. You might have to explain to the whipper snappers that there are no apps on the watch and that they do not have to charge it.

Seiko 5's for sale on

Seiko 5’s for sale on

Anyway, “Bill” wanted to exchange the strap that came on the Seiko 5 with a James Bond NATO strap. Famously, 007 wore this type of military issue watchband in some of his movies. It is distinguished by gray/green and black stripes, but I have seen thin red stripes in the mix too.

I'm not sure a NATO strap goes with a white tux, but what do I know?

I’m not sure a NATO strap goes with a white tux, but what do I know?

“Bill” proudly sent me a photo of himself and his 007 strapped Seiko posing in a military helicopter, which he often encounters in his line of work. I was so jealous that I could not resist the opportunity to tease him. My fantasy illustration below is based on the original snapshot he sent. It shows his spy watch malfunctioning and spraying the inside of the copter with a friggin’ red laser beam. “M” is not going to be very happy about this. Next week, tune in for a story about a watch that actually does have some real spy features….

Oops. He must have hit the laser beam button by accident.

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