Friday, January 22, 2016

THE WATCH DOG SERIES: Buddy Luv Wearing a Rare Seaplane XL Mechanical Watch by Swiss Army

In the age of mashups, what would a watch blog be without combining some of my favorite unrelated things? The WATCH DOG SERIES is a play on words and meant to be pure fun. What type of watches would the best dressed dogs wear? Could canines be man's best friends and also successful fashion models? You can be the judge.

Buddy Luv was an epic character in a movie call "Life". Just look at that face and you will know that this guy had been through a lot. He is wearing a rare Swiss Army Seaplane XL mechanical watch. He modified the "lugless" design to fit on his collar like a pendant. Good thing too since you can barely a watch band for that model.

In puppyhood, he was a runaway from somewhere in rural Georgia living on the streets trying to avoid the hordes of zombies that have moved into our state. He learned to trust people again only biting his master once. Quite an accomplishment!

Before he went deaf, he suffered from Thunderphobia. He lost sight in one eye as well. But he is a fighter and even surviving a debilitating neurological episode that gave him seizures and left him walking like a drunken sailor for months.

So if you look at this photo and see a poor pitiful creature, guess again. You are really looking at a symbol of perseverance and triumph of a life well lived. Godspeed Buddy Luv.

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