Saturday, September 19, 2015

THE WATCH DOG SERIES: Zoey the Boston Terrier Wearing a Cartier Roadster Pink Lady Watch

In the age of mashups, what would a watch blog be without combining some of my favorite unrelated things? The WATCH DOG SERIES is a play on words and meant to be pure fun. What type of watches would the best dressed dogs wear? Could canines be man's best friends and also successful fashion models? You can be the judge.

A sophisticated young lady dog named Zoey (Cleopatra Petunia) came into our lives to prove that "Girl Power" is a real thing and not just a slogan. She attacks daily walks in the style of a mushing husky on the Iditerod nearly yanking my arms out of the sockets. Don't let that innocent face fool you... she is a highly tuned athlete. She is a Momma's girl and they often can be seen plotting against evil doers of the world.

Zoey is wearing a classic Cartier Roadster Pink Lady. Ohh la la.
Zoey has a dream that one day people will not use the phrase "Life is a bitch" because lady dogs are a thing of beauty not derision.

Zoey has been known to taste tests watches... She thinks that this old Enicar windup does not taste very good

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