Wednesday, April 15, 2015

VENDOR REPORT: Sourcing a Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Limited Edition Chronograph from a Specialist

Finding limited edition watches can involve a little bit of luck, especially if only 300 of them exist in the world like the Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Limited Edition Chronograph #241599. Acquisition gets even more difficult if one does not want to pay the full retail price. Finding used versions of coveted watch models that owners want to keep means scouring online auction sites like Ebay or keeping your finger on the pulse of watch collector forums.

However, another option exists called a watch consignment broker who works within the watch industry to move sedentary product of other retailers... often at a price below full MSRP. Staying connected with that broker ensures that you have a better chance at "first dibs" if one of these rarities comes to market.

Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Limited Edition Titanium Automatic Chronograph #24q599
Swiss Army Limited Edition Titanium Airboss Chronograph #241599 - Photo by Victorinox Swiss Army
When a Victorinox Swiss Army #241599 titanium limited chronograph went on sale on a popular online auction site, it sold within a week. I had been eyeballing it for days thinking how I really could not afford it. During that sales window, I had dismissed the watch as "not obtainable". I had made a few low offers, but the price stayed firm since there were a lot of people interested in it.

The Ebay auction of the limited edition watch that got away

Then one day, the inevitable happened, and it sold. I resigned myself to "that's just the way it is" and "I'll get one next time". I would be lying if I did not admit that I had some remorse for not grabbing one while it was available... It may be months, years or never that I see another one.

On a whim, I tried to find the seller of the original "watch that got away". Using a little cross-reference trickery, I found his web site and sent a simple message stating regret for not buying the #241599 and if he had any more for sale. This was a long shot since these watches were distributed in small numbers to different retailers around the world. It might be rare for a seller to have two of them. Web siteTo my surprise, I got a quick answer stating: "Ironically, I found one more and it will arrive to the shop tomorrow. Interested?"... Talk about good luck and destiny. Heck yes... I was interested.

It turns out that the seller is a consignment specialist who had such good luck selling the first watch that he sent out another request to all his industry connections to find another one. Just one retailer responded, and it was his watch that I eventually bought at a great price. Persistence can pay off, and great timing is a plus in this case.

Also, the owner, Cary Pfeffer, is an incredibly knowledgable and friendly watch expert. I am pretty sure I could talk to him for hours given the chance.

If you are looking for the hard to find watch, maybe you should consider using a specialist. It worked for me. From their web site which is in the process of being updated...
", a wholly owned subsidiary of I-Net Sales Partners, is a new luxury website committed to providing buyers with the lowest possible prices on your favorite high-end designer goods. We work directly with authorized retailers and distributors, selling their excess or slow moving goods. This allows us to bring a wide variety of products directly to you, the e-shopper, at better than average savings! We also provide a luxury resale/consignment platform for those individuals who just do not have time to sell on the internet themselves.
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