Sunday, April 12, 2015

THE WATCH DOG SERIES: Zack the Boston Terrier Wearing a Mystery Swiss Army Watch with a Yellow Crystal

The Watch Dog Series on
In the age of mashups, what would a watch blog be without combining some of my favorite unrelated things? The WATCH DOG SERIES is a play on words and meant to be pure fun. What type of watches would the best dressed dogs wear? Could canines be man's best friends and also successful fashion models? You can be the judge.

Zack the Boston Terrier is a dandy young gentleman of the age of four. He was adopted along with his sister, Zoey, and soon began his career as a model for his photographer Dad. His most famous pose is to lay on his back with his paws straight up in the air. His dream is to be on the cover of K-9 Connoisseur. He was disappointed to discover that the "catwalks don't actually have any cats".

Here is a photo of him demonstrating a vintage Victorinox Swiss Army watch with a yellow crystal. This rare model has a polymer case with extra wide-set lugs and two-tone leather band. Well played young Zack. Bravissimo!

Zack The Boston Terrier and Swiss Army Vintage Watch

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