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YOUTUBE REVIEW: Tim Mosso’s Killer Watch Reviews for WatchUWant.com

| YouTube Channel Review | No Comments

If you want to see watch reviews that are packed with great information and not dumbed down, then I suggest browsing to YouTube to look up WatchUWant watch reviews by the smooth-talking Tim Masso. Mr. Masso is known as the “horological…

Harrison Ford's Blade Runner movie watch from 1982.

WATCHES IN CINEMA: Harrison Ford’s Digital LCD Watch in the 1982 Blade Runner Movie

| Fashion Watch, Miscellaneous Watch, Quartz Movement, Watches in Cinema | No Comments

It has been 35 years since the original Blade Runner movie starring Harrison Ford was released. Like many people, I have been dying for a sequel. In the Fall of 2017, our wishes have come true with the release of…

Lum-Tec Bull 42 A21 holding its own against a backlit keyboard

MEET THE WATCH: Lum-Tec Bull42 Mecha-Quartz Chronograph

| Chronograph Watch, Limited Edition, Lum-Tec Watch, Mecha-Quartz Movement, Watch Review | No Comments
I've wanted to write about the new Lum-Tec Bull42 Chronograph ever since I saw a Facebook post by Lum-Tec teasing it. I have a personal connection with this rarer "bullhead"...
Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter Mach 2 on a coveted all-metal bracelet with deployment clasp is the best option!

HOW TO – Replacement Watch Bands for Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter Watches

| How-To Series, Hunter Watch, Strap Swap Series, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch | No Comments
Even though I have written several articles on the Hunter Mach 1, Hunter Mach 2 and Hunter Mach 3 watches by Victorinox Swiss Army, I still get contacted every few...
ADPT Strap by Worn & Wound

STRAP SWAP: Introducing ADPT Strap, the American-made Nylon Watch Strap from Worn & Wound

| Product Review, Strap Swap Series | 2 Comments
A Big Product Announcement from Worn & Wound Like many watch collectors, I turn to Worn & Wound as my preferred and trusted source for watch info. Lord knows, there...
eBay 2017 policy change for communication

eBay’s Revised User Policy May Affect Sellers and Watch Collectors

| Ebay Tips and Tricks | No Comments
For some people, this might be a boring article about eBay policies, but they may change their mind if they lose money. eBay has made some major changes to its...
Grail watch acquired... the Victorinox Swiss Army SeaPlane Chrono is fun and funky!

STRAP SWAP: My Victorinox Swiss Army SeaPlane Chronograph is Future-proofed with a Rare Stainless Steel Bracelet

| Chronograph Watch, Field Watch, Quartz Movement, SeaPlane Watch, Strap Swap Series, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch | No Comments

In previous articles, I wrote about my love for Victorinox Swiss Army Sea Plane watches. I will not rehash the bulk of that information here, but you can check out all my reviews and history of the SeaPlane watches at Swiss…

Two Broke Watch Snobs pod cast

PODCAST REVIEW: Two Broke Watch Snobs

| Podcast Review | No Comments

I would equate finding the Two Broke Watch Snobs podcast to flipping around on late night TV and getting surprised by a wacky show that you never knew about. Before you know it, dawn has broken and you just stayed…

I.N.O.X. Torture test

WATCH DNA: Building a Stronger Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Through Extreme Testing

| Field Watch, INOX Watch, Quartz Movement, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Watch DNA Series | No Comments
Is the Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. your next adventure watch? For those who follow the Watch Hunter blog, you know how big an advocate I am for the Victorinox Swiss...
Omega watch used in Dunkirk movie

WATCHES IN CINEMA: Dunkirk Movie Watch

| Watches in Cinema | One Comment
I can already predict that this article will be controversial. I know this because of the heated arguments that I have seen on the watch forums about the 2017 summer movie,...
Subtlety is the name of the game here. Silver and pale Mother-of-Pearl details compliment each other

MEET THE WATCH: Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic with a Pink Mother of Pearl Dial

| Chronograph Watch, Field Watch, Miscellaneous, Quartz Movement, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch | No Comments
I'll admit that most of the watches that I have reviewed on Watch Hunter have been geared towards men. There are simple reasons for this: I am a guy, and...
Blamo! podcast

PODCAST REVIEW: Blamo! – Interview with Ben Clymer of Hodinkee

| Podcast Review | No Comments

Blamo’s podcast description more or less reads “Blamo! explores the intersection of fashion and technology with the dynamic and notable personalities who shape these industries.” That sounds interesting… especially the last part. Today, I am recommending one particular podcast from Blamo! Usually,…

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