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WATCHES IN CINEMA: Han Solo Watch is Revealed in the Super Bowl Trailer!

| Watches in Cinema | No Comments

Like many Americans, I watched Super Bowl LII in early February of 2017. Thankfully, this year’s game was not a blow-out and it kept my attention for the whole time. The athletes on both sides put on a great show…

Watchfinder & Co.

YOUTUBE REVIEW: Watchfinder and Co.

| Vendor Report Series, YouTube Channel Review | No Comments

If I told you that there was a YouTube Channel that features a pair of “talking hands” that discusses different popular mechanical luxury watches, then you might think that I was crazy. I don’t mean to imply that someone is…

Metal sleeves in watch band

STRAP SWAP: Beware of Metal Tubes in Your Watch Bands

| Strap Swap Series, Tudor | 2 Comments
At the risk of sounding like a philistine, I am going to share a hair-raising story of how I had to take a hacksaw to the watchband of a newly...

A Guide to Smartwatches for Watch Nerds

| Smart Watch | No Comments

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a Smartwatch fanboy and frankly have very little interest in wearing smartwatches as I would wear “actual watches”. This may surprise some people who think that I am technically forward…

Lum-Tec Combat B35

MEET THE WATCH: Lum-Tec Combat B35

| Automatic Movement, Lum-Tec Watch | No Comments
Long-time readers of the Watch Hunter Blog, already know that I have a soft spot for watches made by Lum-Tec, the Ohio-based watch manufacturer. This is because Lum-Tec offers tremendous...
Unwound Podcast

Podcast Review: UNWOUND

| Podcast Review | No Comments
Whether you are just starting your journey into watch collecting or are a crusty watch expert, I can guarantee that you will learn something that you did not know if...
Custom engraved Swiss Army Maverick Automatic. Photo: eBay

A Texas Metal Engraver Uses A Swiss Army Maverick Watch as His Canvas

| Automatic Movement, ETA 2824-2 Movement, Maverick Watch, Seen on eBay, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch | No Comments

Intricate engraving has always fascinated me ever since I visited a history museum containing fancy armor and guns from hundreds of years ago. A perfectly normal firearm could be transformed into a work-of-art using chisels, a hammer, and nerves of steel. It is amazing that much of…

Not a Swiss Army watch... but a watch with a Swiss Army knife

A Hilarious Novelty Watch That Commemorates the Famous Swiss Army Knife

| Miscellaneous, Seen on eBay, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch | No Comments
Let me start by saying that I probably spend too much time looking at watches on eBay. It is my happy hunting ground to find weird and wonderful watches. The...
Sub groups of the Swiss Army Maverick family

2018 Update on the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Identifier Tool

| Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Watch DNA Series, Watch Sleuth | No Comments
What happened to the Watch Hunter Blog in December 2017? For regular readers of the Watch Hunter blog, it might seem that December was a quiet month. Where I had...

WATCHES IN CINEMA: Fantastic Mr. Fox

| Watches in Cinema | No Comments
Back in 2009, an extremely charming animated movie called "Fantastic Mr. Fox" was playing in the theaters. I remember seeing the trailers and thinking that it would be a movie...
Victorinox Swiss Army Ads

Introducing the Victorinox Swiss Army Vintage Ad Gallery

| Announcement, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Watch Reference, Watch Sleuth | No Comments

I’m a sucker for vintage Swiss Army advertising campaigns. Partly it’s because I’m in the world of advertising and corporate communications as a vocation. It is helpful for me to see what some other creative person did in the past….

TGN Podcast -The Grey NATO podcast


| Podcast Review | No Comments
The best adventures often start with a healthy appetite to expand your understanding of the world... The Grey NATO Podcast is one way to do that. What do you get...
Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Identifier and Database on

Introducing the Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Identifier and Model Database

| Announcement, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Watch Reference, Watch Sleuth | No Comments
The Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Identifier on Watch Hunter is a new online reference for Swiss Army watch collectors complete with photos and SKU numbers of many models. Click link...
Fortis Blue Horizon Limited Edition watch with brown sunburst dial floating over Earth

MEET THE WATCH: Fortis Blue Horizon Limited Edition B-42 Aviatis from BaselWorld 2014

| Automatic Movement, Chronograph Watch, Fortis Watch, Limited Edition, Valjoux 7750 Movement | No Comments
This will be the first Fortis watch to appear on the Watch Hunter site. I have always wanted to own a Fortis ever since I learned about the Cosmonaut watches...
Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Professional Dive Watch with 2-tone lume. Photo: Victorinox

MEET THE WATCH: Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Professional Dive Watch

| Dive Watch, INOX Watch, Quartz Movement, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch | No Comments
The I.N.O.X. Professional Dive Watch is Currently Victorinox's Most Prominent Diver This review will hopefully shed some light on how the "relatively new" I.N.O.X. Professional Dive Watch fits into the I.N.O.X. family...
Victorinox Swiss Army User Manuals and Guides

Introducing the Victorinox Swiss Army User Instructions Manual PDF Library

| Announcement, Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Watch Reference, Watch Sleuth | No Comments

Have you ever bought a used watch but did not receive the manual or user instructions? In many cases, one watch works like another in regards to setting the time or date. You can figure it out with a little…

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